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CBD For Pain Management – CBD Legal to Use Pain Management

CBD for pain management

CBD for pain management Introduction – Cannabidiol (CBD) is belong to cannabinoid family, which is chemical compound found in marijuana and hemp plants naturally. Generally CBD does not cause the High feeling because it does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD oil have several health benefits from pain management to reduce cancer related symptoms and lower down consequences of inflammation. The results of CBD products in pain relief are promising and better to several drugs. CBD oil is good alternative for chronic pain patients who rely on opioids (pharmaceutical Drug) which cause adverse effects.

More research are going on to verify the pain relieving side of CBD products. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only allow Epidiolex (A drug for epilepsy treatment) CBD product till now. There are so many new approval of CBD products are pending but those are in early investigation stage. Here are some top pain management of CBD products or oil –

Arthritis pain relief

  • Arthritis pain relief – CBD show good results in Arthritis pain. A research of Pennsylvania medical university treat arthritis with CBD gel. They applied CBD gel to rats for continuously four days. The results are surprising as the rats received readings 0.6, 3.1, 6.2 mg per day. The doctors noticed overall pain relief and reduced inflammation with no side effects in the rat's affected joints.

Rats who received low doses does not have improvement in their pain. After that the Researchers conclude that 6.2 mg/ day was an enough dose of CBD to decrease the rat's swelling and pain. Additionally, rats who got higher dose as 62.3 mg/day show similar outcomes as who got 6.2 mg/day that means a larger dose can’t help you to reduce pain quickly.

CBD helps in cancer treatment relief

  • CBD helps in cancer treatment relief – Some patients who have cancer also use CBD. They found that CBD is helpful to reduce chemotherapy side effects such as pain, lack of appetite and vomiting. The National Cancer Institute also see a positive ray in CBD products to lower down the pain of cancer treatment. In 2012, a study has been done to evaluate the potential benefits of CBD to cancer patients. They give oral sprays of THC -CBD extract combination.

This extract was added with opioids. The results show that this combinations is far better than using opioids alone. A more study in 2013 by university of Columbia science had found same output with THC -CBD oral sprays. After that many big cancer research Institute are conducting study on CBD to find more evidence to prove CBD as a alternative to pain reliever.


CBD products for migraine pain or headache relief

  • CBD headache relief – Very few studies has been done on CBD and migraine. The last study result indicated that THC & CBD combo can help people to reduce acute pain and provide relief in migraine. There are two phases study has been done to examine single CBD benefits.

They make two compounds one with no THC and 9% CBD and other compound consist 19% THC with same ratio of CBD. Both phases have different results as in the first phase with no THC compound, three was no pain relief up to 100 mg dose. When the doses were increased to 200 mg then the acute pain fell by 54%. In other experiment where volunteers received combination of THC and CBD show good results that pain fall by 42% but daily dose was 200 mg.

This combination of compounds was more effective than 25mg of amitriptyline, a tricyclic antidepressant. This medicine lower down the migraine attack by 39% on same participants. Patients who are suffering from cluster headache also got relief with combo of THC & CBD but with a exception. The exception is they had a migraine history in childhood.

Neuropathic pain relief management

  • Neuropathic pain relief management – Generally this pain is cause by damage of nerves. This type of pain commonly found in patients who are struggling with multiple sclerosis, infection like shingles, and head injuries such as herniated disc. The researchers conduct human trail with more than 1290 patients with 11 randomized controlled trials. The study show some better results as 60% of that trails got some relief but with minor side effects.

The doctors also did experiment with cannabis derived medicine, including CBD for neuropathic pain. Half of them participants feel better after first week dose of CBD. We can’t say you use these products for neuropathic pain, because more studies is required to understand the role of CBD compound in chronic neuro pain area. The investigation are on progression to find risk, benefits and ideal dose of CBD to these types of pain.

General Chronic pain

  • General Chronic pain – The same human trails has been done with chronic pain patients. Researchers reviewed their habit & change in behavioural aspect also how much their pain level fall. After collecting points they come to the conclusion that cannabis is effective in chronic pain but only in adults. The CBD dose is very limited in this case and you also take care of your health. More laboratory experiment are going on to explore the more benefits of CBD to chronic pain management.

Can CBD products have any adverse effects?

Most topical CBD products does not directly enter into your blood stream so there are no major side effects associated with CBD oil or products. However sometimes temporary side effects are possible such as changes in weight, fatigue, tiredness Diarrhea. CBD can or may interact with dietary supplements, some type of pharmaceutical drugs or pain reliever. You can take doctor assistance if you feel any negative symptoms.

Is CBD legal to use in pain management?

Hemp driver CBD oil or products (less than 0.3% THC) are legal in some states, but in the few states these products are still illegal. Marijuana extracted CBD products are totally illegal but few states give permission to use in medical treatment with doctor prescription. You can google to check what are the current laws of CBD in your state? Always buy CBD products which are legal and FDA approved else you have to face legal issue. Keep in mind without prescription taking CBD products can show some risk so always take precautions and ask your doctor can you use CBD oil for pain management? gummies24x7

CBD For Pain
CBD For Pain


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